Websystem develops with Drupal

Websystem is a technology company which uses Drupal as a tool and specializes in developing web services with focus on communication and information feeds. We also work with companies that want to integrate their services with the web, where we can help with APIs and modules in Drupal.

We develop

We develop business websites, webshops and other web services.

How we work

Our goal is to quickly and efficiently deliver functional and user friendly web services together with our customers. We think it is important that the customer is involved in the process and changing requirements during the process are welcome. For this approach, Drupal is a great choice thanks to its flexible structure. It is important for us to keep high technical quality and good design, in order to increase flexibility in what we do. If we start a new project we use the MVP approach.

We do a lot of work for large web agencies who often sees discretion as something important, if you have need of specialists in Drupal so please ask us, we are used to work in git and with features and we like to solve problems for others.

For the most part, we work as a developer in advertising agencies when a company needs a new website. We also work for web agencies when it comes to large or complex assignments.

If you want a new website or web service, contact us! We have good partners when it comes to visual identity and advertising. They will develop a fresh layout and we guarantee you'll have a good feature.

New website

If you want a new website or online service, do not hesitate to contact us. We have good partners in terms of visual identity and advertising. They help to develop a fresh layout and we guarantee that you will have a functional and user friendly site. 

News and Insights

We've made a photosite in Drupal 8, we chose to do it in Drupal 8 to see how far Drupal has come when it comes to handling pictures and layouts. Everything went better than expected! You can see the result here: http://fageltbilder.se

We've built several other sites in Drupal 8 and it feels like Drupal 8 is very stable and we enjoy coding towards it. Several things which were very hard and complicated to do in Drupal 7 turns out to be a lot more simple in Drupal 8.

If you are to build a large website it is crucial to do it right from the beginning. If you do not, it can turnout very expensive and non-funcitonal. Here are two examples presented, one good and one less good.

Today 19/11 - 2016 Drupal 8 has been live for 1 year! What has happened since the release?

Nice to read that Nasdaq is going to build a new platform in Drupal 8, it will be an "IR website".